Skylark takes a simple, holistic approach to well-being, health and happiness with a natural Jamaican style. The Skylark Spa, an energetic temple overlooking the tropical gardens, features a full range of massage, foot and beauty therapies.

Our international spa and wellness consultant, Linda Hall is a guru of holistic spa therapy with 35+ years of experience in the UK, Asia, US and the Caribbean. Linda works with our certified therapists to stay current on the latest techniques, treatments, equipment and products. Linda created the award winning Rockhouse Spa over a decade ago . The Skylark Spa utilizes Linda’s bespoke product line, the Caribbean Essentials Spa Collection. featuring all natural Caribbean-made products and treatments.

Spa treatment options can be broadened with a day trip up to the Rockhouse Spa which features beauty and wet treatments including scrubs, wraps and bathhouse rituals.